The crowd goes wild for accessibility!

This week on Clubhouse we turned to accessibility expert and CEO/President of one of our favorite partners over at Invest in Access, Angela Johnson.

“Invest In Access is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to furthering social equity for individuals living with physical and psychological differences. By focusing our services on adaptations to infrastructure, recreation, and workplace culture, we provide organizations with tangible accessibility outcomes that increase inclusivity for all.”

One of the biggest challenges we and others face when trying to make anything on the internet more accessible is not knowing where to start…

The crowd goes wild for intergenerational storytelling

This week on Clubhouse (the app that’s now worth — cue our Dr. Evil impression — 1 Billion Dollars) we tackled intergenerational storytelling. On our minds: how can Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z come together to not only tell each other’s stories, but create the stories together as well, and leave nobody behind. Easy, right? 😅 We did not find all the answers, but we did start to pull at the thread and ask even more questions.

Here. We. Go.

On Stage

We first dove into a conversation inspired by friend of BU…

Guest post from our sister company Broadway Unlocked the crowd goes wild

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first-ever Clubhouse room — every Tuesday we talk all things technology and the future of theatre. We discovered Clubhouse a while back, and after weeks of sifting through “get rich quick”, “buy my course” and “I’m THE expert” conversations — if they could be called that — we decided to start a weekly show to invite people to connect, collaborate, and actually converse about things that need to be talked about. …

We believe that digital content has the ability to break down barriers to access, foster creativity, and to create magic. Countdown with us to our favorite content of 2020 that we think did exactly that!

9. Swan Lake: Bathtub Edition

Why we love it: This is how I imagine the first conversation about this going:


“Why not?”

It’s just the right amount of strange, impressive, whimsical, and unexpected.

8. Burberry’s Singin’ in the Rain

Why we love it: There is nothing quote like watching excellent dancers do their thing in the street. Pair the awesome choreography and design with super slick visual effects and we’re sold!

7. Demi Adejuyigbe’s 9/21/20 Video


Top 3 coolest ways we played with technology to make our premiere party interactive AF, live (and generally badass).

MT ShortsHigh School Zoomsical (starring Frozen’s Ryann Redmond and Betches’ Kay Brown) was born out of a need to get creative during the lockdown. It is silly, heartfelt, star-studded, and the premiere was stuffed with nerdy tech tricks that made it stand out.

1. We turned a virtual conference platform into Reighdell High School

How did 29 artists from across the country come together to start a digital production company in the middle of a pandemic? A lot of Google Calendar invites, mostly.

I believe well-told stories change the world. It’s why I’ve been making theatre all my life. Why I branched out into writing, directing and producing as well. For the last decade, I’ve been increasingly inspired (and dare I say, obsessed?) by the ways in which technology empowers and increases our opportunities to tell those stories. …

All Together Now

Live events. Interactive Experiences. Endless Possibilities.

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